Wednesday, May 21, 2014

You are beautiful.

I am fed up. I am fed up with the amount of products being sold to "make" everyone beautiful. How much money do you need to spend to make yourself beautiful?! Even if you are "only" buying makeup. Even if you are "only" dying your hair. Even if you are "only" buying this one weight loss gimmick. It's ridiculous!

Why is it so amazing and brave and courageous to love your own body, your own face, your own hair? Here's the thing. It shouldn't be. I actually kind of love this whole selfie thing that is happening, because people are posting some really beautiful photos of their beautiful selves. I even more love this nomakeup selfie thing. I do think that should be the norm rather than shocking, but maybe it's progress (maybe it's not, but I can hope).

So listen, embrace who you are. Stop dying your hair. It's beautiful. Really and truly. Your hair is beautiful. Stop putting make up on. Your face is beautiful. Really it is. Even if you have a zit. Even if you have freckles. Even if you have moles. Even if you have wrinkles. Even if you are "blotchy," whatever the heck that means anyways. Your face is beautiful. Don't cover up. Be comfortable. Your body is beautiful. Your cellulite, yup that's beautiful. Your scars are beautiful. Your story of your life is beautiful. You are beautiful. If you have ten kids, or no kids, or workout every day, or not at all, you are beautiful. You have earned that body and that face and those gray hairs, you should be proud of who you are every single day. On one side of the coin I see all these women who have given birth and they are told to be proud of their tiger stripes (aka stretch marks) and then in the same breath they are saying but buy this age defying wrinkle cream cause those wrinkles on your face are apparently horrible. That's my story though, I don't want to erase it. I want to love it and embrace it and show it off.

Instead, as a society, we should focus on feeling healthy, feeling energized, feeling beautiful. Beautiful has nothing to do with models, and movie stars, and magazine ads. Be confident, do what you love, love others. All these lessons we are trying to teach our kids; we need to learn first.

Teach your children they are believing you are beautiful. Don't hide your "flaws." Embrace them because they make you who you are. You are beautiful. Teach your daughters that they are beautiful every single day, without makeup, without being a size 2, without dying their beautiful hair. Teach your sons that they are beautiful. Teach them to be confident as they walk through their life. They don't need to fit a certain style to be popular and have friends. Teach them that women are beautiful...without makeup. Show those children, that life is beautiful and they will amaze you with their own beautiful selves.

The world is bigger than your world. You effect those around you with every decision you make. Make it count. You don't like what media is teaching our youth...then stop letting it determine your family routine, your own lifestyle, and the choices you make. Live free and beautiful and love openly.

And that's what I have to say about that.