Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Beckett Part 1

We moved from Tempe, Arizona to Newport News, Virginia at the very end of July. Luke accepted a job in Williamsburg, and two weeks later we packed the moving truck, and were on our way. It was a five day drive, driving about eight hours a day with our corgi and our then one year old son, Owen. O was treat on the drive and we made it without too many hiccups along the way. Once we got here though we were about 24 weeks pregnant, which meant sorting out insurance, an OB, and hospital tours all fairly quickly. 

Beckett Eli Schmura was born at home. On purpose. Yes. When we moved from Arizona to Virginia, I started looking for an OB here. We were 32 weeks pregnant by the time our insurance was approved. When you call OB's and tell them you are 32 weeks pregnant, do you know what happens?! They tell you they won't see you! What?! Excuse me?! This baby is going to be born wether or not you want to see me. Wouldn't it be better if you saw me and checked on this baby before he was born? The whole thing left me in shock and I was angry. When someone is 32 weeks pregnant, you shouldn't mess with them. Especially when it comes to their unborn child. It's just a bad idea. So I sent an email. To Bridget at Williamsburg Homebirth. We weren't sure we were even interested in Homebirth, I jut needed to reach out to someone to see if they had any suggestions or ideas on what the heck to do. If we didn't hear anything back, our only option was to show up at the hospital in labor....good plan right? 

Less than an hour later I got an email back. She offered to do a consultation with us to discuss the idea of Homebirth. She also gave me some advice as far as doctors, other midwives, birth centers, and doula's. Helpful right? The complete opposite of the more than twelve doctors offices I called. What? Someone wants to help us?! Maybe I read that wrong. We decided to go to the consultation the next day. Their office is in a little old house in Williamsburg. Owen was welcome and invited to come along. Bridget and Chrissy talked to us about what they do as part of your Homebirth. They are certified professional midwives. This means they are more than qualified to deliver babies, but they can not carry or dispense any actual medicine. They asked us about what we wanted from our birth. They listened to us. They asked about our fears of doing a Homebirth. Owen gave them numerous hugs. We left the appointment feeling positive about the idea. We both wanted to think about it and talk about it before we made any decisions. They were totally cool with that. What?! This is ridiculous.

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