Friday, March 14, 2014

Art Projects: Family Handprint

One of the very very first projects we did after Owen was born was a family hand print. I used water soluble block printing ink, a brayer, Bristol board, and an old Styrofoam meat tray. I put a dollop of ink the size of a penny on the old meat tray and used the brayer in alternating directions to spread it evenly in the tray. My husband put his hand print down in yellow ink, I did my hand print over his in red ink, we let this dry overnight. We did at least 3-4 of these because I knew getting a one month old's hand print would be a challenge and may not come out very good on several of them. Once the ink was dry that my husband and I put down, we inked our sons hand in blue and were able to get some decent prints over top of ours. We are doing this again now and adding our youngest son's hand print to the mix. Here is a photo of our family hand print that hangs in our kitchen.

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