Friday, March 14, 2014


Owen is two today. When he was one I was elated that we made it to one for a lot of reasons, a big one being that I had successfully breastfed him for one full year! Two is a little more bittersweet. My little isn't very little anymore. He weighs thirty pounds and is three feet tall. That might not sounds very big, but compared to my seven pound eleven ounce baby that wasn't even two feet tall, he's big. I am very proud of him though. He is an amazing person. He is curious and fearless and so so loving. When I say to him,"Stay little my little." He replies,"But I'm big." And he is.

When he was one his favorite color was red. His favorite book was Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton. His favorite food was pickles. His favorite toy was an airplane his Aunt and Uncle got him. His favorite activity was anything outside.

Now that he is two his favorite color is blue. His favorite book is Art & Max by David Wiesner. His favorite food is cheese and pickles. His favorite toy is his train from Gramma and Pampa or any ball. His favorite activity is bug hunting outside.

So happy birthday to my little boy who will not always be little, but will always be my little, even when he is taller than I am. I hope you travel farther than I have, see more than I have, love bigger than I have, help more than I have, and learn more than I have. Stay curious, stay fearless, and keep your hugs full and free. I love you.




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