Thursday, March 13, 2014

Art with Littles

Owen loves to get messy and make art. From the time he was born I started doing art projects with him. Now he will be two years old in two days and he draws every single day and is always asking to do projects! Other parents always ask what exactly you can do with such little littles and the answer is a lot as long as you aren't concerned with them making epic art museum worthy pieces! You also do not need to be artistically inclined to enjoy making art with kids!

So to begin with this is my basic list of go to supplies that I always have on hand because our older son (2 years old now, was probably about 6 months old when we really started doing projects) asks to do art every single day. I started doing some really basic projects when he was born and we have been doing simple but fun stuff ever since. 

I always have:
-colored construction paper 
-non-toxic tempera paint
-a variety of brushes to experiment with
-non-toxic crayola water color paint (the 8 color one is plenty)
-watercolor paper (usually I get Strathmore watercolor paper when it's on a good sale, Michaels just    had it for 60% off so I got a big pad for $4. I also cut the paper in half or smaller so it fits on his highchair tray)
-Speedball block printing ink (Please note that I use the water soluble type, but I do NOT think it is marked as non-toxic. I do help with every project that we do with the ink and we thoroughly wash hands/feet immediately after we are finished.)
-a brayer
-a pad of bristol board (also always purchased on sale). 

Owen also has his own sketch books (these are legitimate spiral bound sketch books, not coloring books.) that he draws in every day. All together I spent less than $30 on these items and the only things I buy more of every few months are the papers. 

Here is a photo of our supplies.

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