Thursday, March 13, 2014


Dirt goes primarily in your hair or down your shirt, try to avoid your eyes.

Flour goes everywhere but in the bowl.

Pompoms and rocks are really the only toys you need.

Paint goes primarily on your hands and is also good on your face.

Someone will always poop in their fresh diaper when getting in the car, especially if you want to be on time.

Bugs are yummy but it's sad when you eat your friends.

If there are geese at the pond, the groceries are going to have to wait.


You can fit at least six grapes in your mouth at once, anything less is a disappointment.

Roar your way through the grocery store, you will hear people laughing in every aisle.

Dirt on your hands is approved. Dog poop on your hands is not.

The "right" spoon is always the last one that mom chooses.

There is no such thing as "too little."

Cheer for everyone, including the mail man and the landscapers.

Always say "thank you," even if you are saying it for someone else.

Water dries. Even a lot of water eventually dries.

Snow is magic.

Deodorant goes on your neck and face and takes about a week of baths to get off.

Blueberries are ear hole sized.

The milkshake song is the best song.

Everyday there is a reason to say "Wow!"

Strollers aren't nearly as much fun as running.

Cookies do not need to be cookie shaped to be delicious.

You can't see it if you can't touch it.

If you fill your pockets with "treasure" your pants may fall down.

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